Potential Occupational Therapy for Children


about us

Potential Therapy Services For Children is a WA owned service providing specialist occupational therapy for children aged 0 – 16 years.

Potential Therapy Services For Children provides occupational therapy services to children with a wide range of fine motor (hand strength, finger dexterity,pencil and writing skills), gross motor (balance, co-ordination, core strength), perceptual (visual discrimination, visual memory, visual scanning), sensory (attention and concentration, fidgeting, movement, emotion regulation), learning, behavioural and functional difficulties.  We tend to work on the premise that if a child is having difficulty with certain skills, and these difficulties are impacting on his or her ability to engage in their everyday routines and life roles – then there is something to work on. We also work with children who may have a specific diagnosis – e.g, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Developmental delay, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder etc.