Potential Occupational Therapy for Children



Hollie Rogan
Owner / Occupational Therapist BSc(OT)

Potential Occupational Therapy is an owner operated business. I have been working as an Occupational Therapist for 16 years – the last 10 of which have been working in paediatrics. I have worked in both the government and private sector and am now excited to be providing OT services within the South West Community. I have extensive experience in working with children with fine and gross motor as well as perceptual and sensory processing difficulties – taking a problem solving approach to functional difficulties. I am a registered Therapeutic Listening therapist and have completed numerous sensory processing training workshops working with children with registration, modulation and integration difficulties. I have worked with children with diverse and varied diagnoses eg; Autism Spectrum Disorders, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Attention Disorders etc. I believe therapy not only needs to be client centred, motivating and functional for each individual – but fun as well!

Stephanie Gordon

Occupational Therapist BSc(OT)

Since graduating from Curtin University in 2012 I have developed a passion for Paediatric OT and I have had the privilege of working in private practice in Perth and now the South West. I have experience working with children with varied diagnosis’s including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Disorders, Sensory Processing and Developmental Delay etc. I have broad experience across a variety of areas including supporting children in their fine and gross motor development, sensory and emotional regulation and social skills. I have a particular interest in social and emotional development and helping children improve how they interpret and respond to social information to better connect with others. I have undertaken training workshops in Sensory Processing, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia and Social Thinking and my love of learning helps me to continue to expand my knowledge and skills as an OT.

I am fortunate to work within a dynamic and enthusiastic allied health team at Potential and we have access to amazing resources and equipment which makes my job interesting and exciting. I believe therapy needs to be fun and practical for both children and their families and I take pride in developing positive relationships within the wider community and local schools to best support the children I work with.  

Cara O’Brien

Speech Therapist BSc(SP)

Whilst completing my Bachelor’s Degree at Curtin university I gained clinical experience across a range of environments including schools, public hospitals, outpatient clinics and private practices both in Perth and Canada, that have prepared me for the highly diverse nature of rural private practice. Since graduating I have completed various professional development workshops, upskilling in the areas of literacy, ASD early intervention, literacy and Key Word Sign. I am also trained to implement the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk and Floor time therapy approaches.

I have a real passion for providing services to children with ASD and their families and believe in making therapy fun and engaging, yet still evidence based and effective. In saying this I love working in a rural private practice because of the range of practice areas my caseload presents, allowing me to maintain my skills in areas such as developments and cognitive language delay and disorders, articulation, AAC, literacy and fluency. I am familiar using alternative and augmentative modes of communication, such as PECS (picture exchange communication system), Proloquo2Go, PODD, MinSpeak and Nova Chat devices.

I consider myself extremely lucky to work within a trans-disciplinary private practice that work well together as a team to provide fun, holistic, family centred practice.

Kristy DEEKS

Office Manager


Kristy has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement and Exercise Science and has worked in the health promotion industry in both Exercise Physiology and administrative roles.  She has an interest in literacy education and is a qualified Sounds Write Literacy tutor. Kristy has a daughter with dyslexia so has an understanding of the challenges families face when caring for and supporting children with special needs as well as the valuable contribution these children can offer our communities.

When not behind the desk at Potential, Kristy can be found at the beach with her family, playing netball and enjoying all the amazing restaurants and wineries we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.