Potential Occupational Therapy for Children




At Potential Therapy Services For Children we work collaboratively from a family centred, strengths focused model to achieve positive functional outcomes for

We have a therapy room as well as a sensory motor gym. We provide:

  • Individual assessment sessions (which include a full written report outlining strengths and areas of weakness – related functional implications and suggested recommendations)
  • Individual and paired treatment sessions as well as group sessions
  • Information / education evenings
  • Occupational therapy professional development sessions for teachers
  • We are happy to work in schools on an individual or classroom basis
  • Occupational Therapy screening (to identify children at risk of, or currently below the age expected level for fine or gross motor and perceptual skills, and identify children experiencing sensory processing difficulties)

These are the services Potential Therapy Services currently offer but we are keen to work with the South West Community to develop and provide services tailored and suited to local need. We also have an on-site therapy shop which stocks therapy products / resources for sale (see Therapy Products / Resources page).